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Multi-State Permit

Many states will allow you to carry a concealed weapon with carry permit from another state. Often called "reciprocity," this can be misleading because this process may not go both ways. For example, Michigan recognizes California permits, but California doesn't recognize permits from Michigan.  An excellent resource to check whether your CCW permit is valid in another state is the USCCA website.  Click on the USCCA link below for a free guide about carrying out of state. The link will connect you to the USCCA, but you will receive the Concealed Carry Map Guide via your email.  

USCCA link to state gun laws

Paladin recommends obtaining an Arizona or Florida non-resident CCW permit along with your California permit.  This will increase the number of states where you are legally allowed to carry. Check the USCCA website for up-to-date information on carrying out of state. Laws change frequently so check before you go!

Arizona CCW Permit

A certificate of completion of the Paladin Tactical CCW Foundations class will serve as a document demonstrating competence with a firearm per Arizona's revised statute 13-3112 sections (E)(6b) and/or (N)(1,8).


Follow the instructions on the Permitium website for the Arizona Department of Public Safety. 

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