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  • X7 buckle and black nylon belt
  • 24" - 54" waistline
  • NO Belt Holes. Instead our Kore concealed carry belts use a hidden track with 40+ sizing points, so you can adjust ¼” at a time. Result = 800% more adjustable vs. traditional gun belt. Buckle styles differ but mechanism and function is the same.
  • Belt is secured to buckle using a teeth clamp and 2 set screws with hex wrench (included).  Best fitting, most durable EDC belt you’ll ever wear. Precise, secure fit provides a smooth, fast draw every time. Classic subtle buckle designs, because no one needs to know you’re carrying. 
  • Proprietary Reinforced Power-Core™ center & super-fiber inner lining, make this unique belt durable and stiff enough to support small to heavy weight holsters, firearms, magazines, etc. (8 lbs. max). Includes matching Belt Keeper to keep the tip of your belt secure against your waist.
  • Tactical gun belts are fit any waist from 24” to 54” (1.5” wide). Tactical belts are constructed to be stiff & durable to support small to full-size firearms, magazines and additional gear. (8 lbs. max). Tactical belts are 2X’s as stiff as our leather gun belts. Nylon webbing outer layer (rated to 500 lbs).


KORE Essentials Tactical Belt

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Check out the YouTube video on the KORE belt:

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