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Workplace Violence
Risk Management

School and workplace violence continues to rise in the United States. Along with increasing frequency, the emerging threats are becoming less predictable and more lethal. Paladin offers a multi-phased approach for organizations intending to protect their employees, customers, and students from violence.

Module I:  Overview of the Threat

We provide senior managers, human resources professionals, and the security team with three seminars which delve into workplace violence and the measures to counter it:

1) Pathway to Violence: Examines the psychology of the active shooter with an emphasis on identifying and preventing future violence.

2) Response to Active Shooter: Introduces strategies to survive an active shooter event and describes the actions of first responders as they arrive on scene.

3) Prepare Now!: Understand how a Threat Management Team and an Emergency Action Plan can mitigate the effects of, and/or prevent, workplace violence.  A round-table discussion between company officials will establish a “way forward” with regard to the following modules.

Module II:  Security Needs Assessment

We will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine both threats and vulnerabilities.  Each organization has unique needs which must be evaluated before designing security measures to protect its employees and physical assets.


Module III: Protocol Development and Employee Rollout

In this phase, we will work jointly with the staff and security team to accomplish the following:

1) Assemble a Threat Management Team and develop protocols for employees to report security threats.

2) Formulate an Emergency Action Plan for the facility.

3) Devise and deploy an optional “Employee Climate Survey” in order to elucidate any latent threats within the company.

4) Review the Security Needs Assessment with senior managers and determine if improvements are needed.

5) Employees will receive the Pathway to Violence and Response to Active Shooter seminars from Paladin. During these presentations, company officials will have the opportunity to inform employees about the established threat reporting protocols and the Emergency Action Plan. Officials can choose to discuss the results of the climate survey and upcoming security improvements.

Module IV: Specialized Exercises and Training

To test your organization's response to a critical incident, Paladin can develop and implement exercises at your facility.  We can also coordinate the integration of law enforcement and fire departments into those exercises. In addition, we offer specialized follow-up courses for your employees such as emergency medical training and unarmed self-defense. 

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