The Advanced Entry Tactics Series is designed for patrol teams and specialized units which operate in higher-risk environments. Using AET, a team of four officers can safely clear a structure. AET 1 begins with basic room entries to ensure officers can dominate a room, cover their sectors of fire, and positively identify potential threats.  Next, officers will learn to handle adjoining rooms and complex hallways. AET tactics are simple and predictable so that officers are able to move efficiently and safely through a building. 

We recommended that departments send officers in groups of four so that they can learn to work together as a team. Departments can supply their own Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NTLA) platforms or AirSoft pistols will be provided for the courses. 


The cost for each AET class is $350/student or $1200 for a group of four students from the same agency.  Travel costs are added for instruction outside of the San Francisco or Sacramento areas. 

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This class builds on the foundation of AET 1. We review room entry tactics and then introduce movement on stairways and subject handling. Since officers are killed at the breach point at an alarming rate, we demonstrate how to safely approach the doorway to minimize exposure.  Actions at the breach point are optimized to decrease the time spent in this vulnerable position. The day culminates with force-on-force scenarios to solidify AET concepts.  


The class covers the following topics: 

  • All AET 1 material plus

  • Stairways

  • Subject Handling

  • Approach to the Breach Point

  • Actions at the Breach Point

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AET 1 and AET 2 material is applied in a live-fire environment so students learn how to safely engage threats in close-quarters. Drills to simulate room entries and hallway movements are conducted to optimize shooting while moving. Target identification is emphasized throughout the day. Officers will utilize both pistol and rifle platforms during this course (approximately 300 rounds pistol and 300 rounds rifle).  

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Since AET tactics are optimized for small teams moving quickly through structures, they can be readily applied to Active Shooter Response. In this class, we apply AET tactics to “Search to Contact” and “Move to Contact” modes to rapidly “Stop the Killing.”  Once the threat is eliminated, officers will learn how to “Stop the Dying” with a tactical medical block emphasizing Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI).  Officers will triage the injured, apply life-saving interventions, and move the injured to a higher-level of care. Multiple force-on-force scenarios at the end of the class will solidify the AET principles.  



Upon completion of AET 1 through 4, officers have the option to obtain instructor certification. This course is recommended for trainers who intend to provide instruction on AET tactics to their agency personnel. In order to pass the course, students must demonstrate proficiency executing and teaching AET concepts and then pass a written final exam.