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Paladin offers a variety of courses for law enforcement agencies.  See course listings below. 


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Vehicle Assault Course (8 hours)

Vehicle assaults can be utilized to rescue hostages or undercover agents.  The level of risk during these type of operations is higher due to the ability of the suspect vehicle to be used as a weapon and the close proximity of the suspect and hostage.  In this course, we introduce a method of vehicle assault by first pinning the suspect vehicle and then utilizing diversionary devices to cover movement up the vehicle. We emphasize using proper sectors of fire to minimize “friendly fire” incidents. Next, we breakdown pieces of the assault the process: 1) pinning a suspect vehicle utilizing two units, 2) live-fire into the vehicle, and 3) the planning process. The day culminates with several scenarios using role players to simulate actual operations utilizing the vehicle assault technique. 

Vehicle Assault

Linear Assault Course (8 hours)


Linear environments such as aircraft, busses, and trains are challenging for hostage rescue operations.  We show a foundational technique to quickly dominate these targets and regain control in a chaotic environment. In addition, we cover the following topics:


  • Containment and isolation of the objective

  • Deployment of diversionary devices

  • Discussion of emergency vs. deliberate assault planning

  • Utilization of ladders for coverage and breaching

  • Evacuation corridors, search/sort areas, holding areas, and casualty collection points.  


At the conclusion of training, we run scenarios with role players to simulate the linear assault process.   

Linear Assault

Mission Planning (16 hours)

Mission success or failure is tied to the planning process. Both leaders and their subordinates work together to evaluate the threat, weigh potential courses of action, and then execute the best option.  All of those involved must be able to articulate the plan both up and down the chain of command. In this intensive course, we walk-through how to methodically plan operations and brief them. Day one is classroom-based, but on day two each student is tasked with conducting a simulated operation utilizing the other students as the tactical team and role players. The topics include:


  • Operations Order development

  • Team Leading Procedures

  • Evaluating the threat

  • Post-Assault procedures

  • Emergency assaults

  • Brief-backs and rehearsals

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Mission Planning

Advanced Entry Tactics

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Advanced Entry Tactics

Vehicle Counter-Ambush Tactics

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Vehicle Counter-Ambush
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