Dynamic CQB/Intro to Hostage Rescue

Instruction will focus on the essential deliberate entry TTPs for response to active shooter, hostage rescue and high-risk warrant service.  As an introduction to hostage rescue, this class also serves as the prerequisite for the Advanced CQB/Hostage Rescue course provided by Paladin Tactical.


  • 3-Man and 4-Man Room Entries

  • Sectors of Fire

  • Priorities of Threat

  • Target Identification

  • Flash Bang Deployment

  • Narrow and Wide Hallway Tactics

  • Inward and Outward Opening Doors

  • Stairways

  • Post-Assault Procedures

  • Subject Handling

  • Approach to the Breach Point

  • Actions at the Breach Point

  • Search to Contact

  • Move to Contact


Law Enforcement Only